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Top Common Reasons for Divorce

Have you ever wondered why a divorce occurs? There are many reasons for divorce ofcourse! The followig are the top common reasons for divorce in the world.


Abuse towards any person is not accepted and is intolerable. Abuse of any kind whether it be emotional, physical or psychological make you feel tortured and the person who conducts the act of abuse falls abruptly from the eyes of the victim.

Abuse has become one of the most common reasons for divorce. Everyone has the right to be happy and spend his/her life with his all the rights. The actions of the abuser can often not be defended, or even if these are, in both the case, that abuse becomes a strong cause of the divorce.

The Recession and Financial Conditions

Divorces due to recession are more common nowadays than it was during recession of 80s, 90s and 2000s. Shocking UK stats tell that 82% of respondents tell that they had delayed their marriages due to recession.


Adultery accounts for 15% of women’s reason and 16% of men’s reason for filing divorce.

A husband or a wife, involved in the act of adultery becomes a serious cause for divorce between a happy married life.


Since infidelity causes suffering and pain to the person involved, it makes it very difficult for the person to survive the marriage. Infidelity of any level brings up the situation of arguments, doubts and problems. Especially among young marriage couples infidelity is more likely to occur and cause the reason of divorce.


The love for money has become a cause of divorces nowadays. The spouse loses the job and maintaining a luxurious or even just the mid or low-class family doesn’t remain the same. This money then as the evil of all problems causes of arguments, fights and eventually divorce between the happy married life. The people who tend to value money more than having and maintaining a happy relationship are supposedly more likely to have divorces, over matter of just money!

Behavior - The most common cause of divorce

Partner’s behavior is statistically the most common cause of divorce. In the recent survey conducted by the Office of National Statistics, UK, 36% of men and 55% of women cited behavior as their main reason for divorcing. Contrary to the popular belief, behavior is more popular as the cause for divorce then extra marital relationship of infidelity.

Other Interesting Findings:

  • 21% of marriage couples who divorced were married only for a short time, whereas 74% filed divorce within 11 to 20 years of their marriages.
  • Women have been more petitioners of divorce nowadays (68%) and men stand at 4%, while 28% of the cases are brought up jointly.

These are the top reasons for divorce. All stats above are for the UK, for other countries it may be very similar.

Source: the Office of National Statistics, UK

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